BCS Related The British Computer Society The BCS's website, lots of useful information on the Society and matters concerning the industry.
Prof. Elliman's slides on the BCS Some useful info on the BCS, what is, code of conduct, code of practice etc.
The Euro The European Commission The official EU site with lots of information on the proposed European single currency.
ISPO An excellent site with loads of documents on the IT impact of the Euro, including case studies and official EU documents,
Microsoft TechNet Euro Support Microsoft's contribution to the debate. Details of the level of Euro compliance of their software as well as downloadable patches.
Microsoft Office Page Specific information about MS Office's euro compliance, along with bug fixes (what else!).
Y2k British Government Millenium Bug Buster site The government's official site on the millenium problem.
The Year 2000 web site The year 2000 web site, containing good info, and lots of amusing predictions of doom.
Miscellaneous The 50th anniversary of the computer web site Lots of information on the "first" computer including specifications and photographs.

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